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Migration Metrics LLC provides Risk Migration Analysis (also known as Loss Migration Analysis) products and services to the financial services industry.  Migration Metrics was formed in 2004 as a spin-off of North Center Software (NCS), a leading provider of Credit Quality Reporting systems and Enterprise Data Warehousing solutions since 2001.  NCS customers include LaSalle Bank, Volkswagen Credit International and AmSouth Bank.

In 2003, NCS delivered a Risk Migration Analysis system to AmSouth Bank, a leading regional bank in the southeast with over $45 billion in assets at that time. The system was designed and built over a 20 month period by a multidisciplinary team that included experts in credit quality, migration analysis, data movement and database compression technologies. The Risk Migration Analysis system went into production in September 2003 supporting over 125,000 active loans and 7 years of loan history at the bank.

The Risk Migration Analysis system is available to other financial institutions through Migration Metrics LLC - formed by the members of NCS and chartered with marketing, supporting and evolving the Risk Migration Analysis system. The Risk Migration Analysis system is currently being used for commercial and retail portfolios by customers from under $50 Million to over $100 billion in assets.


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