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Migration Metrics provides industry-leading Risk Migration Analysis software that helps financial institutions actively manage credit quality and accurately forecast reserve requirements for Commercial and Retail Loan Portfolios.

The challenge of managing credit risk in todays complex regulatory environment is driving lenders to demand increased rigor and accountability within their credit quality analysis and reporting systems. 

Risk Migration Analysis enables lenders to:

  • Predict behavior for a class of loans.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of and compliance with existing credit policies and risk scoring.
  • Identify the risk-rating thresholds at which payoffs or recoveries diminish.
  • Calibrate models for Probability of Default and Loss Given Default.
  • Validate the reserve for future loan losses

The Risk Migration Analysis System is a powerful and intuitive tool for analyzing risk and loss migration. Migration analysis can be performed for any user-defined portfolio subset including acompanying drill down to the obligor or facility level.




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